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BattleCakes: a snack-sized RPG

Leap into a world of epic sweetness and discover the destiny of a cupcake hero that you create! Whip up a frosting style and color palette that brings them to life, then get ready to explore Pasteleria, an enchanted kingdom that’s jam-packed full of magic and mystery. Who are the legendary BattleCakes, and do you have the right stuff to join their storied ranks? Of course you do. High five!


A Bite-Sized World of Epic Sweetness

Set in the kingdom of Pasteleria, a land whose inhabitants are pastries and cakes, players will be able to explore a vivid and imaginative world of fun and fantasy while traversing the world as a customized cupcake. With 6 towns, 6 dungeons, an overworld map and 5-15 hours of gameplay, BattleCakes offers a satisfying portion of adventure and exploration.

Friend or Foe? You Decide!

Settle disputes with an old fashioned turn-based beat down! Or resolve differences peacefully with compassion and make friends with your enemies - even the bosses! While most games use violence as the only option, BattleCakes’ Battle or Befriend mechanic lets you save the day your way.

The Icing on the Cake

Get ready to join a cast of colorful characters as you customize your hero, make new friends or enemies, and affect the storyline with your gameplay choices. Only you can restore peace to a kingdom of pastries in peril!